Hebei Huabei Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, commonly known as HUACHAI POWER, is affiliated with North General Power Group Co., Ltd - a subsidiary of Norinco. It is an exclusive licensed manufacturer of diesel engines for both civilian vehicles and military vehicles. We have adopted excellent production technologies and standards introduced by Deutz AG, which have allowed our firm to successfully develop a diverse selection of diesel engines, such as generator set diesel engine, gas engine, explosion-proof engine, marine engine and many other engines which can fit a wide array of client applications. In addition to the production of engines, Huachai Power is also capable of producing diesel engine components independently, such as the crankcase, camshaft, cylinder liner, cylinder head and connecting rod, etc. Details

Huachai Power operates two crankcase production lines, a water-cooled diesel engine crankcase production line and an air-cooled diesel engine crankcase production line. They are outfitted with thirty CNC machining centers and other exclusive production equipment. Details